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Gabba Collision Repair Centre Gabba Collision Repair Centre Gabba Collision Repair Centre
Gabba Collision Repair Centre offers a 24 hour towing service as well as 24 hour access to a secure holding yard.

This information is provided to assist in having your vehicle repaired as soon as possible and to assist your insurer when the cost of your repairs are the responsibility of another party involved in the accident.

It also aims to assist you in the preparation of your own insurance claim.

At the scene of the accident

  1. Ensure your own safety and the safety of others and the vehicle. Call 000 if emergency assistance is required.
  2. Comply with any police directions.
  3. Do not admit any liability.
  4. If another vehicle or person has been involved in the accident you need to obtain:
    • The vehicle owner's name, address and telephone number
    • The vehicle driver's name, address, telephone number and drivers licence number
    • Details of the owner's insurance
    • Make, type and registration number of the vehicle
    • Name, address and telephone number of any witnesses
  5. Call your insurer on their claims number:
    • Have your policy number, vehicle make, type and registration number at hand. The operator will talk you through the claim process and request further details as required. They will also advise you of your rights and their general procedures
    • Your insurer will manage the repair process and ensure the claim is handled efficiently
    • If you do not have a mobile phone, call your insurer as soon as possible after the accident
  6. If you have a camera/phone camera take photographs of the accident to support any claim.
  7. If your vehicle is not drivable you can advise the tow truck driver where you would like your vehicle to be towed. It is best to discuss this with your insurer prior to making any decision as they will have a repairer or assessment centre to which they would prefer your vehicle to be towed.
  8. Link to PDF file of above plus form to fill in details of accident - to be printed off and kept in glove box.

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